Pomegranate supports Rerooted, a digital archive of over
150 testimonies from Syrian Armenian refugees.

has generously supported this project.
See Rerooted's preliminary work on this link:

The Gulbenkian Foundation


Welcome to Pomegranate Foundation

Pomegranate Foundation’s mission is to support independent filmmakers and other artists who are engaged in raising awareness about all forms of intolerance — from bullying and social out-casting, to ethnic cleansing and genocide.  The Foundation also supports the academic study of genocide prevention and oral history projects related to a wide-range of human rights issues.

Why the pomegranate?
The pomegranate is a symbol of hope, regeneration and abundance around the world, dating back to antiquity. It is a universal symbol, crossing many cultures and religions. The pomegranate symbolizes hope and change – what is needed in addressing this universal problem.

Recent & Upcoming Events

Pomegranate Award At 2014 LASMF Film Festival

The Pomegranate Foundation has awarded a prize for the best film in the Los Angeles Student Media Festival which addresses issues related to raising awareness about humanitarian issues.

Paul Krekorian

Paul Krekorian shares a Public Service Announcement Video.

Latest Films

Gate To Heaven

Finding Armenia

The Promise

I Promised Her Life

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