Pomegranate supports Rerooted, a digital archive of over
150 testimonies from Syrian Armenian refugees.

has generously supported this project.
See Rerooted's preliminary work on this link:

The Gulbenkian Foundation



An Armenian-American photojournalist sets out to understand the powerful legacy
of genocide and the hidden way a century of silence has shaped his family and himself.
When your family’s brutal past is denied, how do you make sense of who you are?

Welcome to Pomegranate Foundation

Pomegranate Foundation’s mission is to support filmmakers and other artists who are engaged in raising awareness about all forms of intolerance — from bullying and social out-casting, to ethnic cleansing and genocide.  The Foundation also supports the academic study of genocide prevention and oral history projects related to a wide-range of human rights issues.

Why the pomegranate?
The pomegranate is a symbol of hope, regeneration and abundance around the world, dating back to antiquity. It is a universal symbol, crossing many cultures and religions. The pomegranate symbolizes hope and change – what is needed in addressing this universal problem.

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The Gulbenkian Foundation has generously supported Rerooted, a digital archive of 100 testimonies from Syrian Armenian refugees. Pomegranate Foundation is also a proud sponsor of this new archive.

Teaching History With Film

Film Screening with Testimony, working with the USC Shoah Foundation

Genocide Commemoration In Turkey

Carla Garapedian was part of a group expedition to visit sites in Turkey.

Latest Films

Finding Armenia

The Promise

I Promised Her Life

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